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A5 and postcode size watercolour personalised paintings, keep a eye on my page for new products!

Please read the information on the price page . It's important you read through this page before you make an order it has all the prices and sizes listed.

If you have any questions regarding photo quality please visit  the Photo Quality page it is the most important  page to read through as I will not draw from a bad quality photo. Please pick your photo very carefully before uploading.
You can see my previous work on my Gallery page
 Look through my previous work beore you contact me, so you can get an idea on what your portrait might look like.  All Artists are different and have a different styles of Art.

Before you make and order please contact me first.
Email me the photo you want drawn/painted and what size you want your commission in. I will then book a date to start your portrait or if you need the portrait by a certain date please tell me before. Depending on the size of the portrait and how many subjects in the portrait, it can take a couple of days (small portraits 1 subject) to a couple of weeks (Large portrait 3 subjects / oil painting etc) I'll give you a rough idea on how long it will take when you contact me. Remember you can't rush creativity!

You pay once I'm finished your portrait and you're happy with it. I'll email you the finished preview of the portrait before you pay. I'll then post it  to you once it's paid for.
                If you're interested in buying some of my prints

You can buy my original Art here in my Shop

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