Emma Lyon Portraits
Treasure a precious memory with a commission portrait

************ PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS PAGE ****************

It's important to upload the best quality photo you can find because I can only draw from what I see. If you want a coloured drawing/painting then make sure the photo you upload isn't too dark and the subject is in natural light so their natural colour is showing.
Most of all, please no blurry photo's because it's impossible to do a detailed portrait with a blurry photo.
Please upload photo's that are closer to the camera rather than far away because far away photo's lack necessary detail. My portraits are head and shoulder only so far away photo's wont benefit the portrait.
Only upload big files as-well because they would normally be better quality, and really small files are too small to work from.
If it's an old photo you want draw from the old fashioned Anolog cameras please scan the photo first and upload the scanned file. A photo of  photo very rarely works well.
This Photo is really blurry. The blur would make it difficult to get the right detail, the eyes nose and mouth are really blurry and I couldn't define the lines. Also the top and bottom of the head is missing. To difficult for me to work from.
The child is too far away and I cannot see needed detail on the her face which is  a problem as it's most important part of the portrait.
This photo is really blurry and far too dark. It doesn't show the natural colours. It would be impossible to do a detailed  portrait from it.
Good Photo

This photo has good natural colours and good lighting. It's not too dark and it isn't blurry and it has all the detail I need to draw from. I can see her face clearly , This is a photo I can work from with ease.